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Casino Girl Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews

Casino Girl Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews

8. Jan. Es ist einfach, es macht Spaß, es ist kostenlos und es gibt kein Risiko, echtes Casino Girl Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews zu. Apr 13, 1 Feb Rox Casino Review – The Expert Ratings and User Reviews Use the Play Benchwarmer Football Girls Slots Online at moorddiner.nu Febr. Riviera Play Casino Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews. Egal ob Sie Football Girls - kolikkopeliä netissä sivulla moorddiner.nu Suomi.

As far as a 'war' movie goes, I would give honors to Stalingrad over Saving Private Ryan and even Liberal Hollywood's take on the siege of Stalingrad from the Soviet point of view: Enemy At The Gates.

Saving Private Ryan, though a great film, just doesn't bring the horror of war down to the common foot solider as accurately as Stalingrad.

Enemy At The Gates is simply an awful movie. Of course with such a movie will come a lot of political overtones. I'll make just a few comments here.

Secondly, when I think of 'Nazis', I think of Hitler and all of his cronies and all the evil villains who executed the millions of innocent Jews in the concentration camps.

I believe a majority of Americans believe this way. The sad fact about Stalingrad, in watching this movie, is that all of this really happened.

Basically, this is a good War movie that ends with no heroism and accurately portrays the horror of war for the common man regardless of witch uniform they are wearing.

This is a film that I keep coming back to, for a variety of reasons. As a testament to the suffering of the ordinary soldier on the Eastern Front in the Second World War, it is a powerful one.

There are a number of very powerful scenes in the film which help to capture the horror of war, such as the tank battle for instance.

Furthermore, from what I can see the experiences documented in the film are by and large 'true' - if you read A. Beevor's book 'Stalingrad' you will know what I mean.

The film is also successful in the sense that it doesn't allow character or plot to dominate it - it is simply a tale of survival, that attempts to depict the battle mainly from the ordinary German soldier's point of view.

I've read somewhere that the original screenplay had to be toned down, which doesn't surprise me at all - if they tried to really show what the battle was like, it would have been almost impossible to make I'm sure.

Even so, there are still some moments that are difficult to watch - this was made before Private Ryan but is possibly even harder-hitting in places.

Just one word of caution - don't buy the dubbed 'English' version, it's pretty awful and spoils the film - try to get a copy in the original German version with English subtitles, it's far more powerful.

Mitch 30 January Absorbing, horrendous descent into the nightmare of combat. Focusing on the invading German army into the Soviet Union in the second world war, the impact no less awful.

These men are enlisted men, who had no more control over their government's criminal actions, than US troops had over their government during the Vietnam War.

Or any government sending their military in any war, for that matter. To assume they could belies a certain lack of acquaintance or experience, with the structure of a military organization.

These men are trapped like rats, and survival at any cost, to preserve ones life is paramount. Politics and lofty notions fly out the window, as the veneer of civilized behavior is stripped off.

ChuckStraub 14 December Stalingrad should be ranked right up there among the top World War II movies ever made. I can't say it's the best but it certainly is a great film and is under rated in its importance.

What the movie is about is simple. It shows the German soldiers war on the Russian front, in Stalingrad from the point of view of a few German soldiers.

It should not be viewed with the intentions of seeing the battle of Stalingrad or any strategic view of the Russian Front. This is from the eyes of a select few.

You won't see the broad picture. Just like the average soldier doesn't see it. He knows and sees the part of the war that is directly around him.

That is his world and that is how you will see it. It's often very graphic and brutally honest in its depictions. The cold and the feeling of hopelessness were excellently portrayed.

You could just feel it. I did have one major problem with the German English barrier. I watched this on DVD. It was dubbed in English and I chose to also play it with English subtitles.

I started to see that frequently the subtitles and the dubbing were different. That was annoying hearing one thing and reading different words for the same lines.

I soon shut off the subtitles and started watching it over again from the beginning without the subtitles.

I have no idea if the subtitles or the dubbing was the more accurate translation. I'm very glad I viewed this film and I'm sure that I will watch it a second time.

A must see for the historian and war movie fan. The people of my generation and those who are older know about the WW II or as it is called in Russia — the Great Patriotic War not only from the school textbooks, but from the witnesses and participants of the event.

My granddad was a soldier at Stalingrad and when I was a small girl I used to listen to his stories of how he defeated the Germans. He also told me some anecdotes, not all he told me was gloomy.

But it was long ago, and no when I have a conscious interest for what happened there in the battle of Stalingrad, I have to turn to books and movies for information.

Somehow most films I saw were made in the Soviet Union, only a few in present day Russia. In the movie the war is described from the opposite side, and the fact in itself is interesting.

And this soldier or lieutenant is rather obsessed by repeating he is by no means a fascist. The movie heroes right from neat and enthusiastic Europe, from the Italian coast arrive in the snow-covered hungry Soviet Union.

They are doomed to die; it is clear from the very beginning. And to my mind it is true for spectators as well. However sooner or later but inevitably one starts sympathizing with the characters.

As far as I know, Lt. Hans von Witzland is one of the few films where Thomas Kretschmann played his star roles.

The fact puzzles me deeply. I believe Thomas Kretschmann deserves better parts and much better screenplays than those he is given in Hollywood.

I mean of course those who are supposed to be Russian. Say, the boy who spent some time with the Germans or the girl with whom they planned to escape.

Was it really so difficult to find actors able to pronounce a couple of phrases without that horrible accent?

I did not expect anything extraordinary of the film. For the main criticisms of the movie Those were two people distraught coming together trying to find humanity in ANYone.

The same thing happened with soldiers and the Russian boy. It added a feminine touch, but come on look at American movies There was no storyline: I think that is a silly criticism.

The storyline is this. They start with men and the movie narrowed down to show the lives of about 10 men and how each did their part and died.

Death is the ultimate end to any story. Just because there was no happy ending doesn't mean it has no storyline. There was a horrid truth in this movie.

I wouldn't necessarily call it "anti-war". It had a political statement of course, but the movie wasn't all about the politics.

In fact, except for a few occurrences when the Captain? They were far enough out of the reach of the main Nazi party. The fat cats weren't gonna go into Russia!

Maybe not completely accurate and not a Hollywood hit, but it exhibits a fine knowledge of the common soldier I'd say exactly of almost any nationality and war and what they must go through.

It was a losing battle, of course the movie is going to be depressing. And to the person who said that it was gutsy and silly to even portray Germans as victims: This movie is a fine balance between movie and documentary.

A few problems with it when arguing for just one, but it instills the best of both worlds. Watch it as such.

Beware however because it is a hard movie to watch if not graphically, emotionally. I'm waiting til they make a movie about Iraq.

It will probably have many of the same themes and will be very controversial, I want to see who has the guts to do it first. There can be no real victors in war if we value human life at all.

That so many German and Russian boys should die in the snow-bound wilderness around Stalingrad is a tragedy beyond comprehension.

The camera crew did a great job in bringing to the screen the vastness of Russia with soldiers camouflaged in white struggling on the point of death across frozen landscapes.

Far from home and missing their loved ones the German soldiers are depicted as rough diamonds with kind hearts sharing their last crust of bread with starving Russian children.

The over-all German plan is to take certain cities important in the flow of oil and supply of food to the Russian enemy, but their plans are thwarted when the Russian armies encircle them.

The close fighting is well filmed with lots of explosions, flames and shattered bodies among fallen masonry. I liked particularly the contrast of the opening scenes in sunny Porto Cervo where the Germans are celebrating their recent victories with the tragic scenes which followed when calamity overtakes them.

I thought too that the three struggling figures exhausted in defeat symbolised the horrific loss of human life and the futility of war. While none of the actors shone above the others, their characterisations were adequate enough though I got somewhat confused with such a large cast and all the same uniforms.

The lasting impression is not with individual performances but with the over-all mood of this tragic event captured superbly under expert direction.

One soldier says to another: This film is one of the historically most accurate war films ever made in that it displays the reality of soldiers in a battle situation as well as the particular circumstances of the Battle of Stalingrad, obvious when one compares this film to works such as Anthony Beevor's book "Stalingrad".

Although filmed by Germans, "Stalingrad" is anything but a nationalistic apologetic film. It shows that war films can be something beyond flag-waving, jingoistic distortions of the grim truth of war, like so many Hollywood "war" products seem to be.

The scripting, acting, direction and other film techniques in "Stlingrad" are of the highest caliber. It's a must-see film for anyone contemplating to join an army and to obey orders from any type of "Fuehrer".

Steed 3 September An anti-war film it may be, but "die Brücke" by Bernhard Wicki still has far more impact. It also noteworthy that the film concentrates on the German soldiers only and hardly shows anything on the Russian side.

Compare this, if you have ever the opportunity, to what 6 German ex-soldiers tell about their experiences at the Russian front in the documentary "Mein Krieg" by Harriet Eder and Thomas Kufus q.

I certainly do not want to suggest that Vilsmaier excuses the war or worse , but he does not succeed in incorporating the socio-political situation, if he had ever the intention to do so..

There are surely impressive scenes short truce in the plant; attack of Russian tanks, shooting of Russian civilians e.

But on the minus side: If we compare the movie industry with an ocean, we have the tendencies to observe only the surface. But underneath the splashy waves grow in silence, from time to time, less known pearls.

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There's nothing wrong with that; it can all be great fun when done well. But, this is a Korean production, so, Anything Goes Here!!!

This movie has a quite a bit going for it. The cast is packed full of talented stars in Asia anyway , and it's really hard to take your eyes off of any one person when it's their time to step to the plate regardless of age, sex, or role.

Everyone really plays off each other quite well, so much so that it seems they've been working together as a cohesive unit for some time; this is even all the more impressive when you consider this is a Pan Asian ensemble cast that has to overcome language barriers while snappily working their way through some well scripted, and witty dialogue.

The film eventually tightens its focus more on the Korean stars for the most part, but this is a Korean production, so that is to be expected.

The story is pretty decent overall; nothing fancy or overly challenging at least until your figure out who's doing what to whom and what everybody's motives are.

The first half of the film primarily brings everybody together to work on the plan to steal the diamond, while revealing their past histories and present interpersonal relationships.

The second half ultimately brings all their story lines and individual objectives to a head under a heavy dose of fairly impressive action scenes.

Production values are quite high here, and, it might be the most slickly made and stylized film I've ever seen come out of Asia.

I'm used to seeing increasingly high production values from Asian cinema over the last decade plus, but this film is really pushing the limits of what an Asian "Big Picture" can be.

It just oozes a certain kind of sex appeal and undercurrent throughout as a result of its stylized story arcs, character back stories, and star performances.

It's also quite romantic at times, and, is not without its comedic moments. This is by no means what I would consider a great film, but it is just a crap ton of fun, and I loved just about everything about it.

It's solidly made and quickly paced despite its 2. There's really very little not to like here in all honesty.

If you're looking for a high octane action caper with a decent enough amount of substance behind it, you might want to check this movie out pretty soon.

So, from a reasonable and realistic prospective, this film should probably rate at about 7 out of 10 stars or so overall.

But, I liked this flick way better than that, so I'm bumping it up to 8 out of 10 stars. The incorporation of 4 women three very pretty, one would have been very pretty twenty years ago does give this flick considerable added appeal.

The resemblance to "Ocean's" series, however, is limited. While both involve robbing a casino, the complexity of the job here is child's play compared with George Clooney's schemes.

On the other hand, this one strives on relationships between the various people in the gang, present and past — betrayals, romances, policy undercover, double-crosses.

The main stage is Korea while the action takes place is Macau, with planning and aftermath scenes in Hong Kong. I shall make no attempt to deconstruct the plot and sub-plots, the events, the roles, apparent and real.

What follows is only an attempt to briefly outline the line-up, hopefully spoiler-free. The guiding spirit of the project is Macao Park Kim Yun-seok who brings together 9 people, 4 from Hong Kong and 5 from Korea, to help him steal a million-US-dollar diamond currently kept at a casino in Macau.

The idea is to fend the spoil to connoisseurs in the Southeast Asia. Among the potential buyers is the owner of the jewel himself, a powerful kingpin so mysterious that only two members of the gang claim to have seen him.

Julie has learned her trade from her father, reminding you of Charlize Theron in the new "Italian Job". Andrew is the designated clown in the group.

The Korean group of 5 has a much more complex history of relationships. The movie actually opens with job lead by Popeye Lee Jung-jae who worked with Marco a few years ago.

His present 3 team members however do not know Macao, except by reputation. Gianna Jun, sassy as ever and sexier than usual, plays a sort of spider woman Yenicall.

Chewingum is a middle-aged woman, veteran but bottle-addicted. Zampano is a young pretty boy fierce in combat.

Together with Popeye, involved in the aforementioned job with Macao a few years ago is beautiful Pepsi Kim Hye-soo , just released from a jail term for her involvement in the job while Macao and Popeye were not caught.

While on the surface, the trio act as if they have forgotten and forgiven not sure who should forgive whom at this point the ominous undercurrent is stirred up by intermittent flashbacks.

It is not difficult to follow the characters and their multi-dimension interactions are interesting. The good action sequences, including a couple of showy set pieces, make up for the lacking in subtleties.

The two-hour-plus screen time will pass unnoticed, enjoyably. Finally I got a chance to watch "The Thieves" "Dodookdeul" , and the wait was well worth it.

This movie was fantastic in every aspect. The story is about a group of Korean and Hong Kong thieves who come together for a mutual heist to steal a very expensive diamond.

But things take a turn for the worse and the heist doesn't go as planned. Alliances are forged and broken, and the game of deception runs high, and just what is honor amongst thieves truly worth?

I will say that the storyline was compelling and interesting. Sure it could be compared to "Oceans Eleven" and with elements of "Mission Impossible" in it, but it would be a shame to do so, because "The Thieves" is unique in its own right.

The story was not predictable and just as you thought you had figured out what was next, the movie took an unforeseen turn and totally throws off the audience.

This is the part that I really like about the storyline, it was kept fresh and constantly on the toes.

Director Dong-Hoon Choi have managed to put together a great movie that is entertaining, exciting and thrilling. And what really helps the movie along nicely are the people on the cast list.

They really have some of the great talents from both the Korean and Hong Kong cinema alike. This movie is a clear 8 out of 10 stars without a doubt.

The Asian cinema that has most impressed me is usually of the horror genre, but this one actually stood out as a regular action flick. You will see a distinct similarity to the Ocean's serial, but it competently makes its own mark with multiple subplots that work as well as an almost dizzying amount of twist and turns.

The humor translates better than almost any other Asian film I've seen, which is probable because my copy was subtitles only, there was no English dubbing available.

Even with the extended run-time, the pace is quick and crisp, with no plodding moments or stalls. It keeps moving all the way to the credits, a great popcorn movie.

AvidClimber 4 May The Thieves is a South Korean movie that will demand your full attention. An ensnaring story line that will push you to see it to the end with a ever greater astonishments.

The scenario is incredibly well built with plots within plots, revenge, love, distrust, and new twists at every turn. No character is safe from death.

A Ton of action. Good editing and camera work. The afro-hair Chinese thief who's not a very good actor. Great entertainment, but don't expect any depth.

This is one of the best Korean movies I've ever seen. The Thieves is a heist action comedy about two teams of professional thieves teaming up for a heist with a surefire success rate, but only if each team members could avoid their personal agendas getting in the way The movie's biggest success is that it proves that you can have an ensemble cast with no less than 10 principal characters and still make each one of them unique and memorable.

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